Whether you are planning a charming getaway using your partner and/or looking for something new to accomplish, there are a lot of great things to do in Lithuania. Via historical sites to a day trip in design, there are plenty of enchanting places to visit that is to be sure to generate lithuanian women your trip an unforgettable one particular.

Locations to Go

The main city of Lithuania, Vilnius is full of historic complexes and beautiful structure. The city includes a very multicultural as well as is brimming with traditional sites to see, including churches, museums, and castles.


A walk down the cobbled roadways of the Older Town is a must while you are in Vilnius, with a useful medieval amazing things to uncover. The Cathedral Square is particularly impressive, as it towers above the rest of the city’s sights, hence be sure to take a glance at this magnificent spot https://folkways.si.edu/yulya/russian-romantic-songs/world/music/album/smithsonian when you are in Vilnius!

Food Aware: Don’t forget to make an effort the classic cepelinai – Lithuania’s national dish, a Zeppelin-shaped potato dumpling filled with beef or vegies filling up. They’re very similar to Italian gnocchi in texture and taste, but the Lithuanian version is a little heavier for the meat and many more flavorful!

Wine and Beer Pubs

When it comes to sipping, there are several great spots inside the city. A good option I’ve visited is the Beer Archives, which has an incredible choice of beers via all over Lithuania and offers a fantastic flight knowledge.

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